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Events & Programs


Campus Organizations


Arabic Dance Group (ADG)

ADG stands for Arabic Dance Group which teaches people how to dance traditional Middle Eastern choreographed dance. No prior dance background is required. All will be taught step-by-step and performed at a UNT on campus event.


Arabic Language Association (ALA)

The Arabic Club will aim to promote both the Arabic language and the cultures surrounding the language. Not many people at the University of North Texas know there is an Arabic course offered, or know much about the language, and the Arabic Club will fix that gap. We hope to accomplish a place where people can talk about current events, culture, food, etc, and have an open discussion about the Middle East, while learning a lot.


Asian Student Association (ASA)

Cultural Awareness - We teach and show members about the Asian cultural through activities, events, projects, and presentation to empower and educate. Student Involvement- ASA promotes student involvement on campus as well as off. We believe that the best way to experience college is to taking part in involvement. Staying connected! Community Service- Helping the community, one project at a time. We strive to connect with the UNT and Denton community Leadership & Networking - By providing opportunities in these aspects we hope to nurture every individual in becoming strong leaders and helping build strong networks. We throw conferences, we attend conferences, we gain a lot. Socials & Sports Activities - And of course.. what kind of organization would this be if we don't have some socials & sports! These are a great way for our members to unwind and just have fun! We know that school and work have occupied enough time as it is, but just also know that we're to have fun as well!


Bangladesh Student Association (BSA)

The primary objectives for Bangladesh Student Association is to encourage and foster a spirit of welfare and understanding among Bangladeshi Students at UNT. Also to take an active interest in the cultural, social and moral welfare of the Bangladeshi Students at UNT and to promote unity and fellowship amongst the Bangladeshi students at UNT.


Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA)

CSSA is dedicated to best serving University of North Texas Chinese community and International Community.CSSA promotes, assist, represents, and insures that the Chinese community’s voice could be heard and the needs are met, and also to serve as a platform for the interaction of the Chinese students and Chinese faculty with larger community. CSSA works independently, or with other organizations to organize celebrations, cultural events, sports and entertainment activities among others to fulfill the mission.


Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity, Inc. (DEPsi)

Delta Epsilon Psi (ΔΕΨ) is a South Asian interest social and service fraternity located in the United States. Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity, Inc. was founded on October 1, 1998 at the University of Texas at Austin. 18 men came together sensing the urgency of a unified South Asian voice at their university. Since then, Delta Epsilon Psi has grown to be the largest South Asian interest fraternity in the nation. The purpose of Delta Epsilon Psi is to develop leadership qualities within its members by instilling within them the 3 pillars (Brotherhood, Discipline, and Commitment) upon which the fraternity was founded.


Delta Kappa Delta Sorority, Inc. (Delta Kappa Delta)

Delta Kappa Delta Sorority, Inc. commits itself to the fostering of a united sisterhood, the development of indomitable spirit, the betterment of the community through humanitarian services, and the education of ourselves and others about the Indian sub-continental culture. Furthermore, we dedicate ourselves to personal, cultural enrichment through the awareness and preservation of our traditions and morals.


Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc. (Delta Phi Omega)

Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc. was established on December 6, 1998 at the University of Houston by sixteen South Asian women who recognized the need for an organization to promote the advancement of South Asian women. Sixteen women from various backgrounds came together with the common goal of uniting women among the South Asian community. The Founders created the backbone of this sorority on the basis of the five pillars of Sisterhood, Respect, Loyalty, Honesty, and Friendship. They envisioned an organization that would highlight the diverse Indian culture through participation in community and social service projects. Delta Phi Omega was chartered at the University of North Texas in 2004. Our sisters have held leadership positions within the MGC Executive Board, Emerging Greek Leaders and other organizations on campus. We have held the highest overall GPA in the Multicultural Greek Council for two consecutive semesters. Through community service, social projects and a strong sisterhood, we strongly believe that we are destined to prevail against all odds.


Filipino Student Association (FSA)

The Filipino Student Association is a cultural organization, open to students from all backgrounds! UNT FSA is one of the many chapters of the Southern Intercollegiate Filipino Alliance or SIFA. In addition to staying active on campus, FSA hopes to advance to becoming a serious competitor in SIFA's annual GoodPhil Games. As one of the 14 participating universities in Texas and its neighboring states participating in SIFA, UNT FSA invites you to join us in our efforts to become a strong contender in dance and sports at this annual competition. Please join our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates on FSA's events and meeting times!

India Students Association (ISA)

India Students Association (ISA) is an organization of a student centered community, open to all individuals who share an interest in the Indian subcontinent.


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (InterVarsity)

SALT is a student-led Christian Bible Study. We have weekly events in which we study scripture, spread the Gospel to others, and simply meet up to just have fun and hangout. SALT strives to reach South Asians with the Gospel of Christ, but is open for anyone to join.


Japanese Culture Organization (JCO)

The purpose of the Japanese Culture Organization (JCO) is to communicate and interact with UNT students, faculty, and local residents through sharing of Japanese culture experiences in order to encourage people to better understand the Japanese culture and the other cultures of those involved within the organization.


Korean Culture Exchange (KCE)

UNT Korean Culture Exchange was established in 2011 with purpose of international understanding through culture exchanges between South Korean and non-Korean individuals with common interests. KCE is non-profit organization and is completely run by UNT students.


Mu Epsilon Kappa Anime Society (Mu Epsilon Kappa)

Mu Epsilon Kappa is a safe and accepting place where long time and beginning anime lovers can get together and share their favorite shows, thoughts, and hobbies with others without fear of being ridiculed. We not only watch anime, we grow together, help each other, and do a large array of fun and different activities together. No one is ever left out, no one is left behind, and the fun never ends.


Nepalese Student Association (NSA)

Nepalese Student Association of University of North Texas (NSA-UNT) is the first student organization of Nepalese student at University of North Texas, a leading university at Dallas Forth-Worth region. This student organization was founded on March 12, 2005 with an objective to promote interest of Nepalese student studying at UNT, exchange scholarly debate, and foster deeper cultural understanding within the multicultural setup of this institution. NSA-UNT currently represents more than 500 Nepalese majority of whom are pursuing their degree in the area of Physics, Engineering, Business, Math, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Economics and Political Science and some engaged in the research. This data elucidate the strength and potentiality of emerging Nepalese researchers and scholars. Moreover, this organization has been participating in on campus cultural activities and coordinating the communal activities.


Omani Students Association (OSA)

Omani Students Association is all about Omanis that gather at UNT and Denton community. We work on representing and spreading Oman's culture to the UNT community and the whole city. We aim to share the country's culture as well as its heritage with the world. Feel free to be part of the association.


Russian Club (Russian Club)

The Russian Club is a community of UNT students and faculty members with an interest in the Russian language and Russian culture. By watching Russian films, creating Russian foods, engaging in Russian cultural activities, and discussing common interests, we hope to expand our knowledge of Russian language and culture beyond the classroom.


Students United for Palestine (SUP)

A community for students coming together to celebrate Palestinian culture.


Taiwanese Student Association (TSA)

This organization is setup for all University of North Texas (UNT) students who are from Taiwan Area*, and for anyone who is interested in the Taiwanese-Chinese culture. * Taiwan Area includes: Taiwan, JingMen County (Fujian Provence), Lianjiang County (Fujian Provence)


Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)

Vietnamese Student Association at University of North Texas is about community development and culture promotion to make new Vietnamese Students or international students in general feel like home while pursuing degree at UNT. We aim to spread the Vietnamese culture through service and awareness events as well as give back to our community in Denton.


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Asian Pacific Islander Focused Courses

Make sure to check the class schedule, course catalog, or with your academic advisor to make sure the classes are available.

Search academic programs:


  • AEAH 4823 - Asian Art
  • AEAH 4824 - Topics in Asian Art
  • AEAH 4825 - Topics in Islamic and/or Middle Eastern Art
  • ANTH 3300 - Peoples and Cultures of the Pacific
  • ANTH 3500 - Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East
  • ANTH 3700 - Peoples and Cultures of South Asia
  • ANTH 3710 - Peoples and Cultures of East Asia
  • ANTH 3720 - Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia
  • ARBC 1020 - Elementary Arabic
  • ARBC 2040 - Intermediate Arabic
  • ARBC 2050 - Intermediate Arabic
  • ARBC 2900 - Special Problems
  • ARBC 2910 - Special Problems
  • ARBC 3040 - Advanced Topics in the Culture of the Middle East
  • ARBC 3060 - Advanced Topics in Arabic Language
  • CHIN 1010 - Elementary Chinese
  • CHIN 1020 - Elementary Chinese
  • CHIN 2040 - Intermediate Chinese
  • CHIN 2050 - Intermediate Chinese
  • CHIN 3040 - Advanced Topics in Culture
  • CHIN 3060 - Advanced Topics in Language
  • CHIN 4900 - Special Problems
  • CHIN 4910 - Special Problems
  • GEOG 4070 - China Field School
  • HIST 3460 - Modern Middle Eastern History
  • HIST 4071 - Korea, Vietnam and the American Military Experience
  • HIST 4245 - Gender, Race and Class Issues in Middle Eastern History
  • HIST 4246 - Imperialism in the Modern Middle East
  • HIST 4550 - Imperial China
  • HIST 4560 - Modern China
  • HIST 4570 - Japanese History
  • HIST 4605 - History of South Asia, 1757–1947
  • HIST 4610 - Contemporary South Asia
  • JAPN 1010 - Elementary Japanese
  • JAPN 1020 - Elementary Japanese
  • JAPN 2040 - Intermediate Japanese
  • JAPN 2050 - Intermediate Japanese
  • JAPN 2900 - Special Problems
  • JAPN 2910 - Special Problems
  • JAPN 3020 - Advanced Japanese I
  • JAPN 3030 - Advanced Japanese II
  • JAPN 3040 - Advanced Topics in Japanese Culture
  • JAPN 3060 - Advanced Topics in Japanese Language
  • PHIL 3620 - South Asian Philosophy and Religion
  • PHIL 3625 - Modern South Asian Philosophy and Religion
  • PHIL 3630 - Jainism
  • PHIL 3635 - Bollywood
  • PSCI 4710 - Middle East Politics: Critical Issues
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    Allied Community Groups

    Asian American Contractors Association of Texas

    2964 LBJ Freeway, Suite 430 Dallas Texas 75234 | (972) 620-1100 |

    Their mission is to increase the visibility and reach of minority businesses by promoting and creating new avenues to expand business opportunities as well as help these businesses prosper and connect with each other.

    Bangladesh Association of North Texas

    1820 Valley View Lane, Irving, TX 75061 | (972) 697 3020 | Website

    Bangladesh Association of North Texas (BANT) was formed in Dallas, Texas during 1987. Since its inception, BANT has been promoting Bangladeshi culture, brotherhood and extending helping hands among the North Texas community.

    Bhutanese Community Development Forum

    2304 Monarch Dr. Fort Worth, TX 76119 | (682) 710-3089 | | Website

    The Bhutanese Community Development Forum (BCDF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with an ambitious goal of empowering the Bhutanese Community People in United States through community peoples' self-participation. Their mission is to provide community with a platform for developing personality and technical potentiality, networking, preserving their identity, culture, tradition and history, accessing opportunities, addressing and advocating community issues and developing relationships with other communities.

    Cambodian-American Association of Dallas

    522 Pearl Ct. Mesquite, TX 75149 Tel:(469) 324-9117 | info@caadtx.orgFacebook

    Founded in 1993 and established on June 8, 1998, the Cambodian American Association of Dallas (CAAD) is a 501 (c) (3) social service organization of volunteers formed to meet the special needs of our Cambodian community.

    Dallas Chinese Community Center

    400 N Greenville Ave., #12 Richardson, TX 75081 Tel: (972) 480-0311 | info@dallasccc.orgWebsite

    Their mission of the Dallas Chinese Community Center is to promote Chinese culture and to foster diversity through educational, cultural and recreational programs and activities that enrich the lives of immigrants and broad American society.

    Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce

    7610 N. Stemmons Freeway, Suite 690 Dallas, TX 75247 | (972) 241-8250 | info@gdaacc.comWebsite

    The Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1986 with the mission to “Advocate for its members and the Asian American business community while assisting with the economic development of North Texas.” Dallas offers a wide range of benefits, including its diverse culture and access to Texas’s most influential people, groups, and companies.

    India Association of North Texas

    701 North Central Expy., Bldg. #5 Richardson, TX 75080 | (972) 234-IANT | | Website

    The India Association of North Texas (IANT) is a 501(c) (3) Non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian organization. Established in 1962 and incorporated in 1976, with the primary purpose to serve the cultural and educational needs of the North Texas Indian community. Their missions are to provide a common platform to all members living in the North Texas area for pursuing their common goals and sharing their concern, to promote, coordinate and support joint efforts in the social, cultural, educational, and charitable activities of the members, to foster friendship and understanding between people of Asian American origin and other Americans, and many more.

    Japan-America Society of Dallas/Fort Worth

    11615 Forest Central Dr., Suite 206 LB 26 Dallas, TX 75243 | (214) 342-2022 | | Website

    The mission of the Japan-America Society of Dallas-Fort Worth is to contribute to mutual understanding between the United States and Japan by providing a forum for dialogue between Japanese and American businesses and professionals.

    Nepalese Society, Texas

    2016 W. Grauwyler Rd. Irving, TX, 75061 | (972) 986-7777 | | Website

    The optimum interest of NST is to develop common consensus among them, develop mutual relation and preserve their cultural identity. Therefore, in this incipient phase the expectation of NST from each of them is very much high and they could contribute to flourish NST and achieve its objectives in one way and another.

    North Texas Asian American Cultural Association

    (214) 543-2989 | or | Facebook

    The Asian American Cultural Association was formed in 1986 as a means to create and maintain a spirit of understanding and alliance among all Asian American Communities in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. In 2006 our organization's name was modified to North Texas Asian American Cultural Association.

    Organization of Bhutanese Society Dallas- Fort Worth

    8620 Park Lane, Suite# 707 Dallas, TX 75231 | (214) 890-7563 | Facebook

    Organization of Bhutanese Society DFW is a non-profit organization founded by Bhutanese volunteers living in Dallas and Fort Worth metropolis, Texas. Their mission is to help the Bhutanese and other refugee community resettles and rebuilds their lives in the mainstream American setting, preserving and upholding their own culture and beliefs. 

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