Black Student Experience


About BSE

Black Student Experience (BSE), was created to foster pride and promote academic success among the Black student population at UNT. Created in 2011, BSE is a weekend retreat that introduces incoming freshman and transfer students to leaders of the Black student population. This retreat is an opportunity for students to discover their campus involvement interests, become introduced to black faculty, staff, and alumni, and ideally begin or cultivate a path to become a leader themselves.

BSE participants leave the retreat with a better knowledge of the UNT resources available to them, a foundation that will prepare them to be successful at UNT, and a community of support and family.

How to Get Involved

Coordinators: The Multicultural Center staff and a team of Coordinators plan BSE training and the retreat weekend.
The Coordinators for BSE will include the Lead Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, and Programming Coordinator

Coordinator applications for BSE 2023 will open in Spring 2023.

Facilitators: A group of student leaders will serve as cluster facilitators for the weekend retreat, as well as mentors for their group participants. They will facilitate all group activities during the retreat.

Facilitator applications for BSE 2023 will open in Spring 2023.

Participants: Freshmen and Transfer students who are interested in attending BSE will be able to fill out the application and will receive confirmation regarding selections in early August.

Who can attend the retreat?

The Black Student Experience is open to all UNT Students at the main Denton campus. First-year students may participate as mentees, and upper-level students may participate as mentors. 

Registration does not guarantee participation in the weekend retreat; registration for BSE 2023-2024 details are available below.

Registration available here!

If you have any questions, please contact us directly at

What does it cost?

Nothing! It is FREE for all incoming freshman/transfer students.

Student Testimonials

Jermaine Turner- UNT 23 (BSE 2019 Participant; BSE 2020 Facilitator)

BSE in One Word: Family

How has BSE influenced your UNT student experience?
"The Black Student Experience really was the rocket that launched my student leadership journey on campus as a freshman. I immediately gained a family and community that cared about my first-year experience as a black student at UNT. I went on to have a very successful academic year being on the dean's list and becoming a member of the UNT Honors College. Socially, I joined several organizations on campus like Student Government Association and Black Student Union. BSE inspired me to always advocate for all Black communities at UNT."


Myesha Whitfield- UNT 20  (BSE 2018 Participant; BSE 2019 Facilitator)

BSE in One Word: Enlightened

What’s one major takeaway that you’d share with future BSE students?
"The major takeaway I can share with future BSE students is to take the weekend seriously and have an open mind to learn and take in good tactics and ideas for your college. Also, it’s helpful to learn skills for your personal life outside of college. BSE not only helps your network with other students but educates you on real-life topics and skills."


Hekmet Ahmed- UNT 20 (BSE 2016 Participant)

BSE in One Word: Impactful

How has BSE shaped your UNT experience?
“I can’t really put in words how much I love BSE. Joining BSE has been the greatest decision I’ve made while at UNT. I have made a family that I will have forever, and it has literally made my college experience one that I will never forget.”

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