Giving to the Pride Alliance

Thank you for considering a contribution to the Pride Alliance. Your gift can save the life of a student. For Queer and Trans students there can financial barriers to living authentically in one's gender identity or sexuality.

OUTfits Clothing Closet

Through the OUTfits Clothing Closet, the Pride Alliance is able to provide free donated clothing for students to take, however some items must be purchased new. Your contribution of funds allows us to purchase the following items, helping students counter depression and anxiety.

  1. Binders, or snug t-shirts that compress chest tissue, and reduce the appearance of what some may refer to as, "breasts". Binders cost $25-$40.
  2. Bras, costing $20-$30.
  3. Bra Inserts, or specialized items to fill out a bra without the lumpiness or uncomfortability found in many alternative or homemade bra filling items. Bra inserts cost $20-$40.


The Pride Alliance proudly offers the LGBTQ and Ally Scholarship annually. If you would like to contribute to this, or another scholarship, please contact us at