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Events & Programs


Campus Organizations

Association of Latino Professionals For America

ALPFA is the largest Latino association for business professionals and students with chapters nationwide and over 23,000 members. ALPFA is dedicated to enhancing opportunities for Latinos and building leadership and career skills. ALPFA is a non-profit entity registered with the Internal Revenue Service. Membership is open to anyone who shares our values, vision, and mission. We share a passionate commitment to increase opportunities for Latinos. We commit ourselves to honesty, integrity, and the highest professional and ethical standards. We are dedicated to the professional and personal growth of our members. We cultivate initiative and leadership within a spirit of teamwork. We believe in the power of networking – to create value for all our members and stakeholders. We nurture an environment that thrives on mentoring relationships. We value promotion and preservation of our bi-cultural heritage and bilingual skills. We embrace advocacy and community service We welcome the involvement of all who share our mission, vision, values and principles.



FOLXLÓRICO is a nonprofit, independent organization whose mission is to build a safe space while developing an understanding of Méxican folkloric dance through cultural emergence. We want to provide an inclusive experience of reinvented customs and empower young, marginalized voices. We strive to raise awareness of the cultural, ethnic, and educational significance of Folklórico on and off campus. "Movement for All" is a motto we stand behind because it signifies inclusiveness for gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.


Hispanic Student Association

HSA is a social, educational, service, and philanthropy organization. We try to educate everyone at each weekly meeting about what is happening in the Latinx and Hispanic community. We also have two philanthropies: #SOSvzla, dedicated to sending medical supplies to Venezuela, and #AguaParaFlint, dedicated to sending clean water to undocumented families in Flint, Michigan. Our service opportunities are a way to give back to our community and fight negative stereotypes. We also have socials where we try to create a bond within our community and assure everyone has fun, whether it be a mixer or bowling, or anything else. We also have intramural soccer teams so we can build teamwork and strong relationships. HSA is the largest Hispanic and Latinx org on campus, and we think you should come to see why.



Jolt at the University of North Texas' mission is to create a community that empowers Latinos in Denton, as well as across the state of Texas to become civically engaged and to create a democracy that better represents all Texans.


Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. (KDChi)

The purpose of Kappa Delta Chi shall be to promote the traditional values of Unity, Honesty, Integrity, and Leadership of its members. An organization dedicated to service for institutions of higher education and underrepresented communities with special emphasis on the Hispanic/Latino population; a servitude based on love and friendship.


Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. (LTA)

Lambda Theta Alpha is the first Latina Sorority in the Nation and was established in 1975 in Union, New Jersey at Kean University. Colors: Burgundy and Gray Principles: Unity, Love, and Respect.


Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. (Lambda Theta Phi)

Our Mission: To cultivate a spirit of brotherhood, value an education, promote unity among all Latinos, be proud of and cherish our heritage, assert roles of leadership, develop character, practice chivalry, and to serve mankind. In short, to raise the social and cultural conscience of the Latin male college student.


Latino Film Club (LFC)

LFC is a student organization where Latino Filmmakers can come together to create and inspire each other. Members will create one film a semester that accurately represents the Latino community while indulging and discussing Latin American cinema.


Latinx Alumni Network

The UNT Latinx Alumni Network connects with alumni and friends and makes a collective impact by recruiting and mentoring Latinx students for academic and career success.


Latinx/Hispanic Student Union (LHSU)

The Latinx/Hispanic Student Union or LHSU is the umbrella organization representing marginalized students of Latinx or Hispanic descent at the University of North Texas. LHSU serves to promote and unify the Latinx and Hispanic community.


League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)

The Mission of the League of United Latin American Citizens is to advance the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, housing, health and civil rights of the Latino population of the United States. LULAC was the first Latino organization in the nation.



The mission of this organization is to promote equality and respect for, and within, the Chicano & Latino community, by way of educating people about the issues that are relevant and that affect these communities. In a way, this organization signifies a rebirth of Chicano & Latino social activism, focused on bringing awareness of issues and a solidification of unity among Chicanos & Latinos, for, as we believe a lack of social activism and effective participation breeds a fertile ground for others to abuse and denigrate the Chicano & Latino community. Social activism, then, is the engine that can lead to a more prosperous situation for us. A proactive stance, radical or not, is thus necessary to achieve such means. While radical social activism is not the ends, we cannot discount is a functional means to realize our ends. We embrace the support that is lent to us by other organizations and we will work to coalesce the Chicano & Latino organizations on campus and within the community, because we believe that strength is found in unity.

National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ)

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) is dedicated to the recognition and professional advancement of Hispanics in the news industry.


Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc. (ODPhi)

Omega Delta Phi is the strongest and fastest-growing brotherhood in the nation. Founded at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas on November 25, 1987, seven men of vision came together to form a Hispanic-founded fraternity dedicated to the needs and concerns of the surrounding communities on the core principles of Unity, Honesty, Integrity and Leadership. Similarly, at the University of North Texas, seven students came together and decided that the qualities and fundamental pillars of this brotherhood mirrored their own personal ambitions and collective vision and on November 15, 2008 these seven men founded the Chaotic Alpha Chi Chapter of Omega Delta Phi at UNT. Although we have only been active for a short time at the UNT, we are quickly becoming one of the most recognizable organizations on campus through our philanthropy, social activities and overall involvement in Greek and Campus life.


Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Phi Iota Alpha's mission is to develop leaders and create innovative ways to unite the Latino community. Our fraternity's roots extend from the late 19th century to the first Latino fraternity, and the first Latino student organization in the United States.


Sigma Delta Pi National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society

Sigma Delta Pi es una organización nacional que celebra la cultura hispánica y comparte el amor de la lengua y su gente con el resto del mundo. Nuestro capítulo, Alfa Pi, es la Sociedad Nacional Honoraria Hispánica ubicada en el campo de la UNT.


Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc. (Betas)

Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity is a social fraternity that was founded in 1986 at the University of Iowa. It is based on cultural understanding and wisdom. Most noteworthy is that 18 men of whom 16 were of Latin American or Hispanic origin/descent founded Sigma Lambda Beta. We believe in the principles of fairness, opportunity, and the equality of all men no matter what their race, culture, or ethnicity. Our biggest goal is to see that all of society can realize the importance of these three principles. In order to achieve this goal we all strive to model these behaviors and present ourselves in a gentlemanly and educated fashion.


Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. (Gammas)

During the fall of 1989, the foundation of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. was commenced by collegiate women who recognized the need to form an organization that provided empowerment to women of all cultural backgrounds. A criterion for membership into Sigma Lambda Gamma is open to women of exceptional morals & ethics with a demonstrated commitment to academic excellence, and who are pursuing courses leading to a degree in an accredited college of university.


Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Sciences (UNT SACNAS)

The Purpose of the Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Sciences (SACNAS) UNT Chapter is to promote the mission of SACNAS and to offer educational and professional development resources and opportunities to students interested in the sciences. The Mission of the Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Sciences (SACNAS) UNT Chapter are To build a strong thriving organization at the University of North Texas. To further the work of, to improve the effectiveness of, and to enhance the public understanding of and appreciation for Chicanos, Latinos, Native Americans, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and other underrepresented minorities in science; To cooperate with other individuals, organizations, clubs, and other groups whose purposes include the achievement of public understanding for Chicanos, Latinos, Native Americans, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and other underrepresented minorities in the sciences; To promote student recruitment and retention of Chicanos, Latinos, Native Americans, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians and other underrepresented minorities in science at the University of North Texas; and To provide a forum for students from different science majors and science related majors to come together for academic, community service and social activities at the University of North Texas.


Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

SHPE's vision is a world where Hispanics are highly valued and influential as the leading innovators, scientists, mathematicians and engineers. We are brought together by heritage, social responsibility and desire to improve the equality of all people through the use of science and technology. We value excellence in education, professional pursuits, and leadership. We obtain excellence through integrity, empowerment, achievement, diversity and continuous improvement. SHPE is not just for Hispanics or engineers, although most of our members fall into one of the those categories. We are about improving our education, giving back to our community, and providing students with skills necessary to landing internships and great jobs! Join now at shpe.org.


Spanish Club

Share with all members and guests the richness of the Hispanic culture through activities outside of the classroom. In our club, students of UNT can practice their Spanish skills and make new friends with students who have the same interests.


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Hispanic/Latinx Focused Courses

Make sure to check the class schedule, course catalog, or with your academic advisor to make sure the classes are available.

Search academic programs


  • ENGL 4250 - Latinx Literature
  • SPAN 3050 - Readings in Hispanic Literature
  • SPAN 3110 - Introduction to Hispanic Literature
  • SPAN 3510 - Spanish for Law Enforcement
  • SPAN 3520 - Spanish for Social Services
  • SPAN 3530 - Spanish for Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • SPAN 3540 - Spanish for Travel and Tourism
  • SPAN 3550 - Spanish for the Medical Professions I
  • SPAN 3560 - Spanish for the Medical Professions II
  • SPAN 4020 - Language, Culture and Community Service
  • SPAN 4040 - Spanish Writing for the Mass Media Professions
  • SPAN 4061 - Spanish for Social Services II
  • SPAN 4080 - Business Spanish
  • SPAN 4385 - Hispanic Culture in the United States
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Allied Community Groups

Denton LULAC Council
LULAC, League of United Latin American Citizens, Council 4366 advances the economic condition, educational attainment, political influence, health, housing and civil rights of the Latino population of Denton and the surrounding area.

Denton Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
We welcome you to the Denton Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a branch chamber of the Tri-County Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The focus of the Denton Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is the reach out to all businesses and individuals who would like a voice in their community in business and in your local government. Our goal is to achieve possible solutions and to increase the growth of our businesses by working closely with decision-making entities. We serve as a liaison to organizations and businesses located in other cities and states that offer our members opportunities for expansion and growth in other areas of the country.

Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas
The Hispanic Women's Network of Texas (HWNT) is a state-wide organization of individuals from diverse backgrounds who are committed to promoting the participation of women in public, corporate and civic arenas. HWNT seeks to advance the educational, cultural, social, legal and economic well-being of all women through a broader awareness of their role in society, business and family. Members strive to celebrate the positive image and values of the Hispanic culture. HWNT was formed in 1986 by inviting members of existing women's and Hispanic groups from around the state to create an organization that would address issues unique to Hispanas. HWNT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and has become the premier Hispanic women's organization in Texas. Collaboration is the key to our success. Since its inception, HWNT members have come together to sponsor programs designed to cultivate the social, cultural, legal and educational interests of Hispanic women. HWNT has sponsored and supported such activities as educational/mentoring programs; Women's Rights to Vote Celebration, Hispanic Summit and Emerging Leaders Conference, HWNT's State Conference, and inter-generational programs and achievement awards and ceremonies. We believe that by women coming together in a spirit of corroboration, we can make a difference!

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Complete Guide to College Affordability for Hispanic/Latinx Students

In an effort to support the Hispanic and Latinx community, AffordableCollegesOnline.org has created a guide that provides 35 scholarships available for Hispanic students, information on Hispanic Serving Institutions, affordability tips, and additional resources for children of migrant workers, undocumented students, and first-generation students.


Hispanic/Latinx Americans in the Workplace

In this guide, Zippia covers your workplace rights as a Hispanic/Latinx American, examples of discrimination on the job, what you should do if you experience workplace discrimination, and resources that can help you learn more.


Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month Library Resource Guide

Explore the UNT Libraries resources guide recognizing Hispanic and Latinx communities and contributions during this celebratory month (and after).


Ultimate Guide to College for Latinx & Hispanic Students

Check out this guide by College Consensus that includes legal, campus, and scholarship resources.


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