Join the Multicultural Center as we celebrate 25 years of serving UNT’s diverse community! Throughout the year we will have various opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and alumni to engage with the center and learn how they can help shape the next 25 years.

Read more about UNT's dedication to equity, diversity, and inclusion, including the Multicultural Center's 25 year milestone, in this North Texan article.


Giving to the Multicultural Center

Thank you for considering a contribution to the Multicultural Center. Your gift will directly support UNT’s historically underrepresented and marginalized communities on campus.


Student Testimonials

Native American Student Association

"The Multicultural Center has not only helped the Native American Student Association fund and program events on campus, but through those events, they've helped create a more inclusive environment, especially for our indigenous students. With the support of the Multicultural Center, we've been able to offer programs on a variety of topics that educate about indigenous cultures, which in turn has helped us create a larger community of indigenous students and allies that may have not met otherwise. It can be difficult to find other indigenous people in a large population, so we are fortunate that the Multicultural Center has supported our programming efforts to help connect those students to one another, giving them the ability to be ambassadors for their cultures."

"The MC acts as a resource where students can connect to their own cultures and others, to foster a broader understanding of the many groups represented on campus. Through their many efforts like programming events and advising student groups, the MC spearheads efforts to create one of the most diverse and inclusive college campuses in the state, and arguably the nation."

Black Student Experience

"The Black Student Experience has played a major role in my college experience by providing me with the opportunity to help others succeed and excel socially, academically, and mentally. By being a part of this program I have personally been able to see the change within the "African-American male" community. There is now a difference within the social construct of the entire community. As a black man I can personally say that because I am a part of the BSE I aspire to have a high a GPA, I want to do community service, and I want to be distinguished because of the pressure that has been placed upon me to be a leader to those that I have mentored. The black student experience has now reconstructed what black excellence is and enabled me with the tools to be able to thrive in any environment with people who may view the world from a different lens."

Asian/Pacific Islander Empowerment Association

With over 2,800 undergraduate and graduate students from the Asian Pacific Islander and Desi-American community on the UNT campus, the Multicultural Center provides students a space to share their unique stories and experiences.

“The Multicultural Center not only provides opportunities, but also creates bonds for others to create bonds between themselves and helps students from differing cultures engage in spreading awareness and success. Within the last year, the MC helped create a program full of APIDA panelists to take part in connecting a community of more than 100 students. The students were able to talk openly about their experiences on their journey of identity. The panel impacted others in a way that no one could imagine.”