Latinx Student Experience


About LSE

The Latinx Student Experience was created in response to our rapidly growing Latinx/Hispanic population in the UNT community. LSE's goal is to develop and foster success, pride, joy, culture, and leadership among our incoming Latinx/Hispanic students. LSE is a weekend retreat that allows our incoming freshman and transfer students to meet our Latinx student leaders and create a bond with their peers. They also have an opportunity to reflect on their journey to UNT and what they want to achieve while studying at UNT. This retreat is an opportunity for students to discover potential involvement opportunities on campus, become acquainted with Latinx/Hispanic faculty, staff, and alumni, and start building their college experience at UNT.

After the retreat, participants will leave with a better knowledge of the resources offered to them during their time at UNT, tools for success in their courses, co-curricular connections, all while having a support system, mentorship opportunities, and a second family away from home.


Get involved:

Coordinators: The Multicultural Staff and a team of Coordinators plan LSE training and the weekend itself.
The Coordinator Positions are as follows: Lead Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, and Programming Coordinator.

Facilitators: This role will serve as cluster facilitators for the weekend's retreat activities, and become mentors for their group participants as well. They will facilitate all group activities during the retreat.

Faculty/Staff Volunteers: Faculty and staff volunteers help during the weekend activities.  


Who can attend the retreat?

Participants: Incoming freshman and transfer students new to UNT Fall 2023 on the UNT Denton campus.

Registration* available here!

*Registration does not guarantee participation in the weekend retreat.

This weekend retreat is FREE for incoming freshman/transfer students!

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