Queer and Trans Student Organizations at UNT

The Pride Alliance works in partnership with many student organizations. Some of the student organizations that speak directly to those identities include:

GLAD: Queer Alliance

GLAD is the all-encompassing LGBTQ+ student organization on UNT’s campus. GLAD shall assists with UNT’s goal of creating a welcoming environment for all by representing the needs and concerns of sexual minorities and individuals with various gender identities through campus-wide awareness programs, advocacy, support, and educational resources.


The Space: A Trans and Non-Binary Student Organization

The Space is University of North Texas’s student organization dedicated to Trans*, Non-Binary, and Genderqueer students. The Space serves as a social organization providing a supporting and affirming space for transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming, gender questioning, and intersex students of the University of North Texas.


BlackOUT Alliance

The Black Out Alliance is an organization dedicated to empowering our Black LGBTQIA+ community. The purpose of the organization can’t be completely fulfilled without the presence of Black allies and the LGBTQ+ community coming together to create an inclusive environment at the University of North Texas.


Social Sapphics

The mission of Social Sapphics is to provide an inclusive, diverse and safe space for women, women-aligned people and non-men in the UNT LGBTQIA+ community. We have game nights, participate in community service, have member and officer awards, and more!